The Zero Journey by Compost Lady

Some very inspiring posts on this blog from a teacher who is passionate about teaching her kids to care deeply and wholeheartedly about the environment.

Earth Week in the classroom

Happy Earth Day 2017, everyone! What a lovely day dedicated to the Earth and a time in which we can reflect on our current habits and try to change one thing to become more sustainable or at least less damaging. Cloth shopping bags? Travel mugs? Reusable water bottles? Composting? Rain harvesting barrel? Garden? There are […]

via Earth Week in the classroom — The Zero Journey

products to live without


I have reblogged a few posts from The Zero Waste Chef.  I love reading her recipes, tips, and rants about all things zero waste, namely zero waste in the kitchen.  A super resourceful place, and frequently when I read her posts I find myself saying “YES!”.  Especially with this one!  Recently I wrote a post about items to do without in the home, and soon after I read this post by the Zero Waste Chef.  Lots of great points here too.  Yes!

What items can YOU do without?

via products to live without – The Zero Journey

Music Festivals & Waste Reduction?


In my experiences, there are festivals that value sustainability and encourage attendees to act responsibly whilst getting their jam on.  In July, my sister and I attended the Vancouver Island Music Festival in Comox Valley.  My eyes immediately caught a glimpse of bins that were placed all around the grounds, collecting garbage, recycling, and COMPOST (yay).  Another thing I was happy about was that most of the food vendors offered cardboard or paper trays/plates, and compostable cutlery (win!).  I had my own with me anyway, but I would not have been hooped had I not prepared!  There were also plenty of watering stations where you could refill your water bottles.  Oh, and did I mention the tunes?!


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