Pointless packaging?

An Instagrammer points out the ridiculous aspect of this UK supermarket taking a ‘genuine coconut’ and popping it on a (presumably plastic) stand, adding a plastic ring-pull, and then shrink-wrapping the entire thing in a plastic film.

This prompted me to look at Sainsbury’s corporate responsibilities web pages.


On ‘Packaging: sourcing with integrity‘ they say:

We’ll reduce and optimise our own-brand packaging.


Great packaging plays an important role in helping us deliver the best quality products to our customers, every time they shop with us. Packaging can reduce product damage and associated waste. It can also enhance the freshness and shelf-life of food which is good for customers, our business and the environment.


We’re always looking at packaging innovations to reduce the amount of material that goes into keeping our products fresh.


  1. Reduce our own-brand packaging by 50 per cent compared to 2005.

  2. We’ll use recycled materials and make sure that the material is recyclable where ever possible.

  3. We’ll work with our suppliers to reduce and optimise packaging, sharing best practice.

I don’t actually know how long a coconut lasts in its natural state. Historically they were often used by sailors as a way to add a nourishing element to the ship’s stores, and it is suggested that the mutiny on the Bounty is supposed to have been triggered by Bligh’s harsh punishment of the theft of coconuts from the ship’s store. I’m sure it doesn’t need to be encased and processed so much!

If you feel like getting in touch with Sainsbury’s, here’s their main contact page and also their social media details:


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