City to Sea – a Community Interest Company

City to Sea began in Natalie Fee’s head in 2014, as she wondered what would happen if she gathered a collaboration of practitioners, scientists, local organisations, marine biologists & campaigners in a pub to tackle plastic pollution.Equally fed up and generally devastated by the amount of plastic litter flowing from Bristol into the Severn Estuary, Michelle and Livvy joined Natalie in looking at how we could phase out single-use plastics and hopefully create replicable models that can be shared with other coastal and river based cities.

Switch the Stick was our big campaign in 2016 which called on UK retailers to switch cotton bud stems from plastic to paper. We had an amazing response, with all major UK retailers agreeing to phase out plastic buds by the end of 2017. YAY!

Refill is our campaign to reduce the amount of plastic waste caused by single-use drinks bottles. Its aim is to promote free tap water and bottle refills available in shops, cafes and businesses on high streets, transport hubs and, well, anywhere with a safe tap – across the UK. We’ve just launched the Refill app too – developed by Geovation (Ordnance Survey) – to incentivise refills and new City to Sea aims to reduce the amount of single-use plastics in circulation. Go get it on the Apple Appstore or on Google Play!


Source: About – City to Sea


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