Edible Six-Pack Rings

Love this! Come on brewing industry – you can do it!

While the design of the plastic rings that keep a beer six-pack are convenient for consumers, they are often deadly to fish, birds and other living creatures that live in and around the water. In order to create a positive solution to this problem, without changing the form of the packaging, We Believers and its client Saltwater Brewery created an all-new packaging system for the Screamin’ Reels IPA.

The edible six-pack ring is biodegradable, compostable and edible, as it is made from barley and wheat from the brewing process. This means that sea life are able to safely ingest the rings if they should come across them and rather than putting their lives at risk, this packaging gives them nourishment.

This thoughtful design sets a precedent that the entire brewing industry should consider following for the sake of sea life.

Source: Edible Six-Pack Rings : beer six-pack


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